Saturday, March 28, 2009

Why I'm Here

I have procrastinated for over three years in the writing of this blog, and today my procrastinating stops. My computer is stuffed with photos of food I have made, eaten, and admired; the bookmarks bar is overrun with food sites, nutritional information, and research from my travels. I have a gluttony of folders filled with my own recipe ideas and others' recipes I've made. I have been procrastinating beginning a blog that focuses on what I make for myself and my husband daily: simple, unintimidating, healthy, nutritious and inexpensive food, and today I begin doing it.

I will never be a cutting edge chef, the most imaginative writer in the world, or the most riveting video personality, but I love food, I cook regularly, and I believe some people out there might be interested in what I have to say.

I began thinking of starting a blog/vlog in 2005, when I was teaching dance (see "Who I Am") in Chicago, and was shocked to find that I owed nearly $3000 on my taxes that I didn't have. I scrimped and saved, and made one chicken or a pot roast and some vegetables into a week's worth of varied meals. It worked, I paid my taxes, and learned the value of consistent home cooking, skills I imagined would be helpful to share, particularly in this economic climate.

After returning home to NYC, less pay, and higher rent, I learned quickly that it behooved me to cook every meal I consumed in order to balance my budget. I joined a local food coop so I could feel good about supporting farmers using sustainable methods, be part of a functioning neighborhood community, and, selfishly, so I could reap the benefits of all that glorious organic produce for a fraction of the cost at other stores.

Every week I plan my menu, shop on one day, cook the next (and perhaps again mid-week), and generally, I have enough nutritious, fresh, food to last seven days for $60-70. Some weeks the dishes go together in a regional theme, some not. Sometimes I improvise with ingredients I find beautiful once I'm at the store, sometimes I follow already written recipes. Most of the time there is a personal stamp on the dishes; I like to change things around, do things differently.

When I have created the recipe, I will write it as I make it: a little of this, a little of that; cook it until it's done. My measurements aren't incredibly precise, but I will do my best to give accurate enough descriptions so it will be possible to approximate what I have made. In this way, you will cook as cooks do, by sight, taste, hearing, touch and smell. I hope that after a few weeks of posting, you, too, will be inspired to fill your belly for the week in a healthy, delicious way, for as much as it costs for one meal for two in a restaurant. Thanks for visiting!