Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mizuna Salad with Cherries, Goat Cheese, and Toasted Hazelnuts Recipe

I made salad this week. Why? Well, to counteract the Voodoo Doughnuts that I ate from the revolving tray in the video below. And not to belabor the point, but I have to squeeze myself into a flesh colored unitard in a mere eight days. Yes, that means a nude colored unitard. Nude, as in, naked. For an audience. Me, naked looking, with a gimpy foot, in front of an audience. For an hour. Dancing around. Gimpily. So I did not want Froot Loop (TM) encrusted doughuts or Kool-Aid (TM) flavored doughnuts, or those doughnuts with chemically blue sparkly sprinkly toppings showing up on the outsides (or insides) of my thighs, really, and making matters worse, even if they were vegan, the ones I ate whole. And yes, I confess; I ate half (ok, maybe three-quarters) of a bacon maple doughnut log thing, too, not vegan at all that maple bacon log thing, so, yeah, after all that sugar, those vegan doughnuts, the bacon on the doughnuts (bacon on the doughnuts) well, I needed a salad, craved a salad.

Inspired by the strawberry and spinach combination I ate at Portland's Paley’s, I traveled to my food coop in search of heirloom strawberries with concentrated, vibrant flavor, and instead, because local ones aren’t yet available, I found giant, mealy strawberries that I predicted would have holes in the middle. And they did. But these weren’t magical holes like those Voodoo doughnuts with the real magic, so I substituted tasty cherries instead. Cherries, goat cheese, mizuna, and hazelnuts -- a perfect Portland tribute. And very flesh-colored unitard friendly.

Mizuna Salad with Cherries, Goat Cheese, and Toasted Hazelnuts Recipe

5 cherries per plate, halved, pits removed
balsamic vinegar
olive oil
salt and pepper
hazelnuts, toasted, about 7 nuts per plate
1 bunch mizuna (or similar tasting green, such as arugula), ripped into bite-sized pieces
goat cheese, crumbled, about 1 ounce per plate

Note from Banu: the above ingredient quantities are estimates, please use your own discretion about the amount of each ingredient you use.

Soak the cherries in balsamic vinegar for a few hours, or overnight in the refrigerator.

Remove the cherries, and add some olive oil (to taste; I like my salad dressing with more vinegar than the classical proportions of 3 to 1 oil to vinegar), salt and pepper.

Toast the hazelnuts in a dry pan over medium high heat, being careful not to burn them.

Toss the mizuna with the vinaigrette, and add the crumbled goat cheese for the final mix.

Serve the greens on salad plates garnished with the cherries and toasted hazelnuts.


Tau-Mu said...

The Froot Loop donut was my favorite until I spotted your maple and bacon donut. Wow, I love maple-frosted donuts and I love bacon, but it never occurred to me to put the two together.

Your cherry salad looks tasty and I hope your foot is feeling better!

Chef E said...

OH NO I think you are allowed as many bites of that doughnut with a hurt foot! I love those greens, and arugula. I have OD'd lately on this 'Green' Salad I make and discovered in a place near me. You feel so full, and the goat cheese is like heaven too with cherries!

Fritz Bogott said...

A) that photo is lovely!

B) wtf, those unitards are banned by international treaty!

C) my magic minions and I are beaming powerful get-well rays at your poor foot.

Banu said...

Tau-Mu: thanks very much for the well wishes!

Chef E: yeah, I wish, but I'm serious about that flesh colored unitard. Did you *see* it????

Fritz: thanks very much for the rays. I feel them working.

Lou said...


I'm soooo pleased, (for the world actually) that I will NEVER have to don naked clothes!!

Hope your foot feels better soon


natural selection said...

How can one resist really, resistance is futile so what you slapped a doughnut encrusted with artificial matter on your thighs. I say good for you you burned it off anyway and based on this great blog of fresh nutritious food you prepare you got the green light in my book!

You have the address to this place?

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